Cross-plane thermoelectric figure of merit in graphene - C60 heterostructures at room temperature 

Large thermoelectric figure of merit in graphene layered devices at low temperature 

  • Daniel Olaya, Mikel Hurtado-Morales, Daniel Gómez, Octavio Alejandro Castañeda-Uribe, Zhen-Yu Juang and Yenny Hernández
  • 2D Materials, (2017) DOI: 10.1088

Graphene-Au nanoparticle based vertical heterostructures: a novel route towards high-ZT Thermoelectric devices

  • Zhen-Yu Juang, Chien-Chih Tseng, Yumeng Sh, Wen-Pin Hsieh, Sou Ryuzaki, Noboru Saito, Chia-En Hsiung, Wen-Hao Chang, Yenny Hernandez, Yu Han, Kaoru Tamada, Lain-Jong Li
  • Nano Energy, (2017) DOI: 10.1016

Robust 2D electronic properties in rotationally stacked 3D turbostratic graphene microstructures

  • Nils Richter, Yenny R. Hernandez, Sebastian Schweitzer, June-Seo Kim, Ajit Kumar Patra, Jan Englert, Ingo Lieberwirth, Andrea Liscio, Vincenzo Palermo, Xinliang Feng, Andreas Hirsch, Klaus Müllen and Mathias Kläui.
  • Physical Review Applied, 7(2), 024022 (2017) DOI: 10.1016

Efficient fluorescence quenching in electrochemically exfoliated graphene decorated with gold nanoparticles

High yield production of graphene by liquid phase exfoliation of graphite

  • Hernandez Yenny, Nicolosi Valeria, Lotya Mustafa, Blighe Fiona M., Sun Zhenyu, De Sukanta, McGovern I. T., Holland Brendan, Byrne Michelle, Gun'ko Yurii, Boland John, Niraj Peter, Duesberg Georg, Krishnamurti Satheesh, Goodhue Robbie, Hutchison John, Scardaci  Vittorio, Ferrari Andrea C., Coleman Jonathan N.
  • Nature Nanotechnology 3(9), 563, 2008. DOI:10.1038/nnano.2008.215

Liquid phase production of graphene by exfoliation of graphite in surfactant/water solutions 

  • Mustafa Lotya, Yenny Hernandez, Paul J King, Ronan J Smith, Valeria Nicolosi, Lisa S Karlsson, Fiona M Blighe, Sukanta De, Zhiming Wang, IT McGovern, Georg S Duesberg and Jonathan N Coleman.
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society 131(10), 3611, 2009. DOI: 10.1021/ja807449u

Graphene as Transparent Electrode Material for Organic Electronics

Measurement of multi-component solubility parameters for graphene facilitates solvent discovery

  • Yenny Hernandez, Mustafa Lotya, David Rickard, Shane D. Bergin, Jonathan N. Coleman.
  • Langmuir 26(5), 3208, 2010. DOI: 10.1021/la903188a

Synthesis of structurally well-defined and liquid-phase-processable graphene nanoribbons

Electrochemically Exfoliated Graphene as Solution-Processable, Highly-Conductive Electrodes for Organic Electronics

Decoupling of CVD graphene by controlled oxidation of recrystallized Cu

  • Lu, Ang-Yu; Wei, Sung-Yen; Wu, Chih-Yu; Hernandez, Yenny; Chen, Tzu-Yin; Liu, Te-Huan; Pao, Chun-Wei; Chen, Fu-Rong; Li, Lain-Jong; Juang, Zhen-Yu.
  • RSC Advances 2(7), 3008, 2012. DOI: 10.1039/C2RA01281B



Undergraduate projects

La luz sobre el patrimonio

  • Liliana Margarita Ramos y Yenny Hernández.
  • Revista Javeriana, 815 (151), 53 - 58, 2015. ISSN 0120 - 3088. Download

Nanobox: Una material educativo en Nanomateriales que promueve la creatividad científica


Undergraduate thesis

Preparation of organic photovoltaic devies baed on graphene and P3H - Juan Camilo Obando and Yenny Hernández. 2018

Study of the optical response of thin films of carbon nanotubes decorated with gold nanoparticles - Laura Pachón and Yenny Hernández. 2018

Comparison of the Harman method versus impedance spectroscopy to measure the figure of merit in thermoelectric materials with MoS2 -  Juan Fernando Osorio and Yenny Hernández. 2018

Manufacture and characterization of thermoelectric devices based on carbon nanotubes - Daniel Fernando Gómez Berdugo and Yenny Hernández. 2017

Thermoelectric characterization of graphene and MoS2 heterostructures - Diana Carolina Lozano Molina and Yenny Hernández. 2017

Graphene on solar cells of perovskite - Daniel Castillo Bendeck, Pablo Ortiz Herrera and Yenny Hernández. 2017

Study of  electrical hopping  on compounds  polymer-carbon nanotubes at different temperatures -  María Cristina Navarrete Rodríguez and Yenny Hernández. 2016

Design and characterization of electrical performance in polymer-graphene compounds -  María Margarita Ariza Acero, Mikel Hurtado-Morales and Yenny Hernández. 2016

Percolation and electrical characterization in transparent graphene films - Sergio Iván Rey Puentesand Yenny Hernández. 2016

Fluorescence study in graphene decorated with metallic nanoparticles - Martha Inés Ortiz Torres and Yenny Hernández. 2015 

Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy of pigments in Nariño ceramic complexes - Liliana Margarita Ramos Moreno and Yenny Hernández. 2015 

Thin films of graphene as thermoelectric material - Daniel Esteban Olaya Cortés, Mikel Hurtado-Morales and Yenny Hernández. 2015 

Development of educational material in nanomaterials as a promoter of scientific creativity in high school students -  Catalina Ruano Merchán and Yenny Hernández. 2015

Magnetic and morphological characteristics of graphene and carbon nanotubes decorated with magnetic nanoparticles -  Camilo Acuña Porras and Yenny Hernández. 2014